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Organic Rose Water, Bulgarian – 500ml / 17 oz (USDA organic)

Bottled in the heart of the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, Alteya’s award-winning certified organic Bulgarian Rose Water is world’s most exquisite 100% pure, natural, organic flower water. The beautiful fragrance, special qualities and plants‘ synergy of our organic rose water are well known all over the world.
Alteya’s Pure Organic Rose Water is Therapeutic and Food Grade product. By using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technology, we distill a special grade rose water that completely preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant.

100% pure steam-distilled Bulgarian Rose Water.

Suggested Use
Skincare: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck morning and evening after cleansing to tone, balance and refresh skin.
Body care/Personal fragrance: Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle rose aroma.
Haircare: Massage the roots of washed hair once or twice a week to improve manageability, softness and shine.
Cooking: Add a teaspoon to your morning juice or tea or in any culinary creation.

Product Features

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3 comments to Organic Rose Water, Bulgarian – 500ml / 17 oz (USDA organic)

  • Elena D. Zheleva "ez"

    Works like magic The rose water you are about to purchase is magnificent! It is lightly scented,very refreshing and purifying when you spray it on your face. I also use it to refresh and clean my eyes in the morning (according to an Ayurveda recipe). It is amazing to cook with! There are wonderful recipes with rose water, I personally have used it to make the Indian sweet lassie with plain yogurt,sugar and rose water (and a few ice cubes). It is certified, clean and healthy! I also use it as a light perfume during the day and also it is great on a dry/or cold day to moisturize, protect and refresh your face. I cannot recommend this product enough! I promise, if you are not a rose water lover, you will become one!

  • Fijbem

    Au nom de la rose… Hi people !Young French exiled in the US, I’m a fervent user of pure rose water. I always use pure rosa damascena (not centifolia) and I flee synthetic additives. When my precious little bottle came from France endend, I searched a good successor and I found Alteya Organic Rose Water.For me, the best way to spot fake rose water (water perfumed with synthetic smell) before using it, is… to smell it. And what a pleasure to recognize the real pure smell of rose water in this Alteya bottle !About the use and the results, whatever your precedent experiences with rose water, with this item you won’t be disapointed. It rebalances and clarify your skin. I use it right after my shower, to eliminate limestone from my face and to avoid dryness. It lets my skin smoothed and delicately perfumed… A pleasure, I swear. I also use it in the morning, to rid my skin of night dirt and to refresh it. Works great.You’ll see that the drain hole is very handy and permits to avoid losses of the precious liquid.I ordered the 17 oz one, and as you can see the packaging is very beautiful, and the bottle too. Could be a gift ! For me it’s a pleasure to have this precious rose water in a big format, I won’t miss of it ! Perfect because I can’t do without.Btw, I liked the beautiful fact sheet, explaining from where comes this Bulgarian rose water and so on.This item definitely WORTH its price ! I 100% recommend it !

  • D. Brooks

    LOVE IT This is an amazing Rose Water, not too pricey and the quality is superb. I only use it for cosmetics purposes so I can’t speak on the taste. Try this and you will become a life time user (I know I am)

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