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Olympiad Rose Red Hybrid Tea Rose Own Root 4″ Pot

Olympiad rose produces deep red-velvet buds that open to full flowers borne on long, straight stems. Olympiad rose is a true exhibition hybrid tea rose, producing long stemmed blooms that are ideal as cut flowers. While the fragrance is light, the blooms of Olympiad rose last longer than any other red rose grown in the test gardens at our farm. Superior mildew resistance, the deep green foliage contrasts nicely with the pure red blooms. To keep Olympiad rose blooming deadhead spent blooms during the summer.

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1 comment to Olympiad Rose Red Hybrid Tea Rose Own Root 4″ Pot

  • Anonymous

    Stargazer shipped quickly and very smartly. I ordered from other sellers that would just stuff plants in boxes. The way they do it is very organized and almost mess free as you unwrap them.The other thing, also compared to two different sellers, is that I find the size of the plant much bigger than what others ship.that specific rose has a deep almost velvety red quality.It is very pretty

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