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NOW Foods, Rose Absolute, 5% oil blend, 1 Ounce

Aroma: Pleasant rose. Benefits: Romantic, uplifting, comforting.

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2 comments to NOW Foods, Rose Absolute, 5% oil blend, 1 Ounce

  • Palyne Gaenir

    Smells very nice but not pure or strong. I bought this when I was looking for a replacement for Young Living’s “rose” oil. That is truly insanely expensive (street drugs cost considerably less…) and I ordered a bottle direct from their corp (had ordered dozens of EO’s from them in the past) and it came smelling like some utterly horrible alcohol concoction and not rose. Not even an alcoholic rose. Just a hint of rose and something awful. They refused to replace it, which given the price and my investment with them over time offended me so much I refused to buy that brand of product anymore period. Of course not until you gripe about that online, do you meet the zillion other people with gripes about that sort of thing also, or product purity, etc. Which is how I learned that it turns out charging a fortune for products with pyramid marketing does not mean something is the best. I have since found there are several quality essential oils on the market.NOW brand oils are usually pretty good. I’ve bought several of their oils such as lavender and tea tree, and they smell pure and work just as awesome medically (lavender has healed wounds, incredibly fast with no scarring, for my family for years. Best-case, shower so the skin is all soft and then douse it. It smells strong but you’ll be amazed. It goes INTO the skin and you can actually feel when it hits anything bacterial even very deep, but it doesn’t sting on the surface remotely as badly as most medicine and works WAY better (I even did experiments with this in my early skeptical days). I figure medicinal functionality is the real test of these things. I use NOW brand nutrition supplements at times also and have had good experience with them, but read the ingredient list.The Rose Absolute oil is different than the others. First, it’s an Absolute, this is a specific difference, but I am not expert enough to have any idea what that difference really is or what it means to the end product.It is not as strong as the essential oils I have from them or other sources.Next, it is a combination of things, not merely rose.Now, it still smells lovely, don’t get me wrong. Works nice on skin or in a diffuser. But being (a) not pure rose, and (b) not nearly as strong as their other oils, I guess I’m not as fond of it (and I notice it says “5% oil blend” in the title now but I don’t recall it saying that way back when I purchased this).If you just want something that smells really nice, this oil does that. It’s quite lovely and it won’t hurt you and for most people that is really all they require.My favorite blog for how to use natural ingredients to make your own nearly-everything, crunchybetty dot com, is fond of the Mountain Rose Herbs dot com for organic pure yet reasonably priced source. If you go there and search for the post “21-things-you-should-know-about-essential-oils” you’ll find an informative overview some might find helpful and interesting for this subject.

  • Kelli A. Snow "blondespagirl"

    Smells great! I put this in a aromatherapy diffuser and it smells wonderful. I recommend using this if you like the smell of roses.

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