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‘Morden Blush’ Rose Bush – SUPER HARDY, EVEN IN CANADA! – 4″ Pot

Beautiful and tough! Ivory pink flowers open with a blush center. This beauty blooms profusely from June to frost. Dark green leaves have good resistance to both powdery mildew and blackspot. Heat and drought tolerant once established. A new introduction from the Morden Research Station in Manitoba, Canada.

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3 comments to ‘Morden Blush’ Rose Bush – SUPER HARDY, EVEN IN CANADA! – 4″ Pot

  • Deb

    Morden Blush Rose I have had 3 of these shrub roses in my garden for nearly 10 years. They are not only beautiful, but also tough as nails (Canadian bred). I don’t have to take any special winter precautions, even here in cold Wisconsin. Although they have very little scent, the color variations through the season (repeat bloomers) are very pretty. They start out in June with a profusion of blush pink blooms, then progress to ivory-white during the heat of summer, finishing off with clear true pink as autumn cools.

  • Ichigo

    very small (1.5 inch tall) It was OK but I was disappointed, because I was expecting a lot after reading a great review. The plant arrived quickly. It was about 1,5 inch tall. No buds. There are a couple yellow and brown dying leaves. But no sign of disease or visible signs of insect damages.This does not worth 10 dollars plus 6 dollars shipping…I think if it were 5 dollars and 5 for shipping, then yes, it would worth it….maybe. I will not buy it, though.if I got this as a gift, I would be pleased because it is such a tiny flower and is cute. ( But I would reccomend guys to send this flower to your home first, open it up and put it in a tiny pot. )I would like to post pictures but I do not see post your pictures button for this product. Where is it?If I can find the icon and if I see any flowers, I will take a picture of it too and post it…

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the Morden Blush from Hirt’s a little over a month ago. It arrived in healthy condition but was a bit small so I was not sure how well it would really grow. It has done well and grown extremely fast after moving it to a larger pot. I have gotten three beautiful blooms from it so far and there are several new buds waiting to bloom.The plant was originally small but has far exceeded my expectations. Hirt’s has good quality plants.

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