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Miracle-Gro 1001232 All Purpose Plant Food – 5 Pound

Miracle-Gro Plant Food was developed by the trusted experts of Miracle-Gro branded products to provide plants with the ideal mix of nutrients to thrive. Plants grow bigger and more beautiful, helping gardens fill in quickly so you can enjoy them sooner. Give your entire garden the ultimate feeding with new and improved Miracle-Gro plant food.

Product Features

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3 comments to Miracle-Gro 1001232 All Purpose Plant Food – 5 Pound

  • Craig Matteson

    Great stuff to get lots of green This plant food will help your plants grow and get lots of green. However, if you are looking for blooms, once your plants get more mature, you will do better to cut the nitrogen and get more phosphorus.Miracle Gro Bloom Booster is the right formulation to feed already grown plants to get them to bloom often and with large blooms.I use both foods, but at different times of the year.The labels of each will give you the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash.

  • Noname

    For that luscious green look I bought this for my house plants and it’s more than I’ll ever need. The tub is huge, and all I need is a little tiny scoop (it comes with the scoop) in a bucket of water. This can also be used with the Miracle-Gro garden feeder, which is actually a more appropriate use for this given the bulk size of the container.I have a tendency to neglect my plants, just water them now and then so they don’t die. Every so often, I decide I’d better take better care of them and start feeding them Miracle-Gro. They start greening up the very next day. What a difference. I love how they look when I feed them Miracle-Gro.

  • Fancy Trimmins

    Excellent product, good price here I’ve used this product for years with excellent results. A little goes a long way. Finding it here on Amazon for a decent price was a joy! (I almost wept real tears!!!)I’ve used it for flowers, vegetables, house plants, etc. This year was my first summer trying out those upsidedown hanging tomato planters and with some of this on hand from last summer, figured it couldn’t hurt to dump some in with the tomato plants. Well, I had planted grape tomatoes, but with this product going to town inside those hangers, my grape tomatoes were about the size of regular plum tomatoes. Juicy, good pulp, serious quantities, over and over. Out of just 2 plants, I had tomatoes to harvest all summer long.I have used the Rose product in the past also and that works just as well.This is a good product and I’ll continue using it. Got some for friends for Christmas gifts also who plant gardens each year. I’m anxious to see how their gardens shine when using this product next planting season.

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