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Miniature Roses Heirloom Seeds 22 Seeds

Yes you can grow these hardy miniatures that mature to only 2 feet tall. Fine for containers or front of the border. Classic shades of pink, white and rose bloom all season as long as you deadhead. You can do that! A

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3 comments to Miniature Roses Heirloom Seeds 22 Seeds

  • Nathan Invincible

    Followed the instructions to greatness I followed the instructions on the package, and sure enough within a few weeks I had a dozen seedlings going strong. I was glad too, since it was going to be the main part of my gift to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. What’s better than a dozen roses? A dozen rose bushes!So far none have succumbed to mold like many online growers warn of, and I make sure to give them plenty of sun. I spray them with regular water, not too wet or dry. Unlike many other varieties of roses, they didn’t need to be chilled for months before they sprout. 24 hours in a cup of water is all that’s needed before they were ready to plant.

  • C. DeMarco

    Sprouting….. I planted 4 seeds about 2 months ago and 2 of the 4 just came up about 2 weeks ago. Don’t give up, they may take a while to sprout!

  • Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"

    way over three feet! Received the packet, planted the seed in recommended conditions but nothing came of it. Since the soil was so good, I simply shifted the pot outside and buried a different variety of seed in it. That seed grew and had it’s lifecycle for several months, and when THAT was finished, and the pot/soil was just in the back corner of the garden (which is very hot, humid, and sunny) the rose finally began t grow.Several months later it’s a large, compact bush which needed to br transplanted from a fairly large pon inside my container garden to a giant planter on the side of my house.It does bloom and smell lovely, but I’ve read that for the first few years, the blooms will be a little dinky and odd looking and improve each year the plant is alive.Overall, LOVELY plant, super fast growing, not super compact. LOOK OUT FOR THORNS. They are tiny but all over the plant and sometimes those tiny ones pack some punch!What a delightful growing experience- a big rose bush from a seed I had given up on.

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