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Martha Stewart Crafts Hydrangea Punch

EK SUCCESS-Martha Stewart Craft Punch. These punches create crisp shapes for cards; scrapbook pages and other paper crafts. Punch stands up-right for easy access and storage. Design: Hydrangea (1-1/8-inch). Imported.

Product Features

  • These punches create crisp shapes for cards; scrapbook pages and other paper crafts
  • Punch stands up-right for easy access and storage
  • Imported

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3 comments to Martha Stewart Crafts Hydrangea Punch

  • Fay R. Angster

    Cardboard container misleading for the Pop-Up Hydrangea Punch I began an addictive new hobby a year ago – card making. I love to make cards and spend many hours in Michaels browsing and buying supplies for my new addiction! I wanted a flower punch and bought the Martha Stewart Pop-Up Hydrangea Punch about two weeks ago. I threw out the cardboard container and sales receipt as I love all the Martha Stewart craft products I have bought. Last night I tried to use the punch. When I bought the punch, the PICTURE and INSTRUCTIONS on the cardboard container for the punch said there was an open circle on the bottom of the punch to “eye up” the punch on the color of paper one used for the flower. Since the box was sealed, I could not look inside the box and check out the punch. I thought I would use it as any other punch in the Martha Stewart line. I thought the words “Pop-Up Hydrangea Punch” meant that the middle of the flower was larger and the flower could be used with a dimensional for a 3-D look. However, that is not the case. Forget the picture and instructions on the box as the punch only cuts out the petals and the center of the flower is part of the paper you are using. It is hard to place the punch exactly where you want to punch a flower. After going back to Michaels, I found the same cardboard container with the same PICTURE and INSTRUCTIONS is used on all the Martha Stewart punches. Since I had thrown out the receipt and container, I am now stuck with an expensive punch that I do not want. I feel the picture and instructions for a non pop-up punch should not be used to house a pop-up punch and is misleading.

  • Me.

    Not made very well Ok, I’m about to order my THIRD punch. The first one broke/bent (whatever you want to call it), and I returned it and got an exchange. I am now about to order a third because the second one is now broke/bent….I would find something else, but I’m making wedding decorations and need the same. I’m just glad I’m never going to need to use this thing ever again.On the flip side, it’s making my decorations amazing, so it gets two stars instead of one.

  • melkins

    Broken I was excited to get this punch to make a party decoration. I got it out of the box, used it one time, then it would no longer work. It would press and make an indention in the paper, but would not punch through. I tried pressing it every way possible, even trying to take it apart and put it back together, all to no avail. I hope this is not the quality of all the Martha Stewart punches! It was quickly returned!

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