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Luscious Glowing Amber Rose 2 Year Live Bush Plants Shrub Plant Fine Roses

This two year old field grown plant has been scientifically cultivated, inspected by the State Department of Agriculture, selected with care and packaged with pride for the discriminating gardener. Rose Planting Instructions: 1. Select a rose-friendly planting site. Roses need well-drained soil away from trees and hedges, which compete for food. Choose a sunny spot, as roses need direct sunlight at least half a day for proper flowering. Don’t plant roses too close together, as good air circulation will help prevent diseases. 2. Prepare the planting site. Remove rose packaging. Prune away any damaged roots. Prune each cane back to 6” above bud union. Soak roots in water for a few hours. 3. Prepare the planting site. Dig a hole 12-15” deep and 20-24” wide. Build a firm mound in bottom of hole using soil dug from the hole. Space roses 18-30” apart. 4. Plant Your roses. Spread rose roots out evenly over mound. Raise or lower mound height so the bud union rests 1” above surrounding soil in milder winter areas (lows below -10 F). Fill hole with soil from the hole mixed with 50% organic matter. Tap soil down around roots to eliminate air pockets. 5. Protect from late frost. If planting before all danger of the frost has passed, mound soil over bud union to protect rose. Remove soil when new growth starts and when all danger of frost has passed. Winterizing After the first hard frost, remove surrounding debris. Apply a 3-4” mulch layer. In regions where temperatures routinely fall to 15 F or below, cover plant base with a 6-12” high mound of fresh soil topped with straw. Remove protection when new growth begins in spring.

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