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LOVOUS 3000 Pcs Water Beads, Crystal Soil Water Bead Gel, Wedding Decoration Vase Filler – Furniture Decorative Vase Filler, All Occasion Table Centerpiece Decorations (Rose)

How to use:

1. Soak the beads in water(normal temperature) for 4 hours. Note: Diameter of the beads will expand about 10-15 times, so do soak proper amount of beads to avoid wasting.

2. Get ready of the plant you plan to arrange. Get ready of vase(glass vase for better).

3. Fill the vase with soaked beads, what it reach 1/2 of the height of the vase, put in the plant, and then cover the left part with soaked beads again till it cover the top of the vase.

4. When the beads become smaller in some days, just pour in some more water, it will expand again.

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