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Lord of Illusion (Legacy of the Blade Series) (Volume 3)

Lady Abigail of Blackmore is being sent by her father to marry the vile Lord Shrewsbury in return for the release of her brother from the man’s dungeon. When her traveling party is robbed on the road, she uses it as a distraction to escape and leave a life that no longer suits her. Madoc ap Powell has been raised as a peasant, and has learned to steal in order to survive. He is known for his disguises, and being a master of illusion. But when the Lady Abigail hunts him down to retrieve her stolen dagger, he finds he is not the only one looking to escape a life of doom. Two people, both looking to escape their futures and also find the answers of their past are drawn to each other. But it is bound to end badly when they are from two opposite realms of life.

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