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Legacy of the Rose

A compelling historical romance from the award-winning author of The Belligerent Miss Boynton. Two lost souls betrayed by their families find one another. The wealth and security that surrounded them in their youth has vanished–and only together can they unravel the web of lies and secrets that binds them to the past.

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2 comments to Legacy of the Rose

  • Mel

    A Very Good Book This is the first truly bad book that I have ever read that was written by Kasey Michaels. I own more than 20 of her books which I enjoy and have reread. However, if this was the first KM book that I ever read, I would never have bought another of her books and I would have missed some excellent books.This book is vulgar and filled with perverted sex about a psycho! I kept hoping to find some redeeming theme but never found it. If it were possible to give it a half-star, I would have. Ugh! Horrible to not begin to describe it!

  • Anonymous

    The Legacy of The Rose is a multi layered read of emotions and depth of character that you do not find in HR that are written today. What use to be the norm is now sadly missing in the romance genre. After re-reading this book it becomes clear that in our fast paced lives and instant everything I can understand why some reviewers will say older books from the 70′s or 80′s are to long or filled with too much information. If you are looking for a fast paced read that bearly scratches the surface of human emotion this is not the book for you. You will need time, plenty of time to appreciate the skillful writing style of Kasey Michael.Lucien departs for war but as a parting gift to his beloved family he sends his fiance Melanie, to live with them until his return. Little does Lucien realize he has just introduce a snake into his personal Garden of Eden. The utter destruction of his once happy home will bring Lucien to his knees as he tries to understand and cope with what happened while he was away for 2 years. Unbeknownst to Lucien there is a mysterious young lady name Kate that has taken up residence in his home while he was away. Eventually Kate and Lucien will become lovers and allies in the battle to free his home from the unspeakable evil that is destroying all he holds dear. But first they must get past their instant dislike of each other. One of the ways this is accomplished is through a series of letters filled with sarcasm and wit they exchange that also spill over into their conversations. Kate was a worthy match for Lucien, she was strong when he was weak. She was able to mentally slap him back on track so he could heal his broken soul and save his family.The Legacy of the Rose had everything imaginable a romance reader could want including the kitchen sink. There is a secret marriage, lost and found heirs, sexual perversions, multiple murders, drug addiction, rape, madness of the mind, and unruly servants that you would love to choke. If you are a bit squeamish don’t worry there is nothing graphic in this book the way these themes are presented in HR today. Legacy of the Rose was written in 1992 when authors used their dexterity with words to convey actions without being overly specific. Kasey Michaels used to be an auto buy for me during the early 80′s to the mid 90′s. Her early Regency romances were very well written and entertaining. If you enjoyed this book I recommend The Secrets of the Heart for a lighter read with good dialogue.

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