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Junction, Rathmines

What a joyous junction! There are some news posters between Retz and Rooneys at the left that might be a help in dating this one. Have a look at the large size. The headlines I can make out are:
Elisha’s Letters
Murder in a Motor Car
[Remarkable Trial?]
A Long Swim
France & Germany

Now, I found an article entitled A Long Swim in the Irish Times from Saturday 7 July 1906:
"Yesterday Jebez Wolffe, the well-known swimmer, swam from Dover to Ramsgate, a distance of 18 miles in 6 hours 35 minutes, thus breaking Captain Webb’s record of eight and a half hours over the same course…"

And I think the poster says Saturday! However, the next word looks like August to me, so I kept searching and this looks fairly promising from Saturday, 26 August 1911:
The trial of Mr. Beattie for the murder of his wife by shooting her while travelling in a motor car, was resumed to-day…"

Can you find other clues in this photo that might confirm the August 1911 date? August is looking promising because Edward Lee & Co. behind tram no. 23 are selling things for the Horse Show – always held at the RDS in August. And 1910 is sculpted under the pediment of the Lee establishment. So it’s just 1911 we need to confirm (or not)! Either way, think this is a great shot, and as always, willing to be outright contradicted…

Date: August 1911??

NLI Ref.: Eas 1934

8 comments to Junction, Rathmines

  • swordscookie

    A beautiful shot of the old village. [] I suspect that the lines are sets that show where piping lies beneath the road.

  • ccferrie

    Fantastic photo. It’s remarkable how little has changed and this junction is still the bustling heart of the village. The angle of view is unusual – must be from the first floor of a building on the corner of Rathgar Rd/Upr Rathmines Rd.

  • John Spooner

    Jabez Wolffe seems to have made several (at least 12) attempts to swim the English Channel between 1906 and 1911, including an unsuccessful attempt on 21st July 1911 reported in the London Times on July 24th 1911.

    According to Wikipedia (and his London Times obituary) he made 22 attempts before he gave up in 1913. In the 1930s he is mentioned as trainer to other channel swimmers.

    Today's Fungi

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