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Jobe’s 4128 Organic Rose and Flowering Shrub Fertilizer Food Spikes, 10-Pack

04128 Features: -Rose fertilizer spikes.-No mixing or measuring.-Spikes are the convenient way to transition to organic gardening.-Unique ”in the ground: feeding is the most efficient delivery system for organics.-Natural, slow release organic nutrients ensure hearty plants.-Improves long term soil quality by promoting beneficial microbial growth.-No leaching or water polluting run off.-10 per pack.

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3 comments to Jobe’s 4128 Organic Rose and Flowering Shrub Fertilizer Food Spikes, 10-Pack

  • Live2Cruise "Live2Cruise"

    Natural and effective I decided to give these a shot in my efforts to use more organic products in the garden, and I’m glad I did. The spikes are much easier to use than granules or mixes. One piece of advice– don’t use the little plastic “applicator” that comes with them. The package suggests to use it to hammer the spikes into the ground. Maybe my soil is just too hard, but when I tried that the spike fell apart. I found it much easier to dig a tiny hole at the recommended depth, and “plant” the spike, or, where my soil was soft enough, to just push it in with my fingers. A few weeks later my roses are starting to bloom like crazy. I used them on a new baby rose bush I’d planted, and within two days it was budding. I also put them around my hydrangeas which had been growing at a very slow rate, and am happy to say they’re now taking off and filling out. I’ll definitely buy these again.

  • Little Bear "booklover, cook, gardener, friend"

    I Thought My Little Rose Was In Trouble – Then I Bought THESE A friend of mine “donated” a sad little climbing rose. It looked terrible; sickly – at death’s door wouldn’t be an inacurate description. I seriously thought it was a goner. Then I purchased Jobe’s 4128 Organic Rose and Flowering Shrub Fertilizer Food Spikes. The rose is in a planter, so I was a little concerned that the spikes would be too concentrated for it. Boy was I wrong! The next morning, the leaves were tinged with a lovely burgundy color and you could see the entire bush had “perked up.” The new growth is healthy and steady. If these can totally revive a sick rose, just imagine what they can do for ones already healthy! I will certainly purchase them again.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff. Very convenient especially if you travel and feel guilty about neglecting your plants. I have other Jobe spike products and recommend them all!

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