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Jobe’s 4102 Rose Outdoor Fertilizer Food Spikes, 10-Pack

Jobe’s 4102¬†features:

-Rose fertilizer spikes.

-Solid, premeasured fertilizer that takes just minutes to apply.

-Keeps working for a full year‘s growth.-10 per pack.

Product Features

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2 comments to Jobe’s 4102 Rose Outdoor Fertilizer Food Spikes, 10-Pack

  • Katherine Farrell "horselady"

    great rose fertilizer I have alot of gardening experience except with roses. When I moved into my husbands family home I inherited his grandmother’s 70 year old rose bush which was in need of quite a bit of tlc. I was afraid of damaging the bush so I used Jobe’s spikes for roses.Low and behold, after some select pruning and the food spikes, grandma’s rose is once again growing and blooming.Thanks Jobe’s!!!

  • R. Hall

    Love the convenience and great roses I love the Jobe’s rose spike fertilizer. It goes into the ground where the nutrients are easily accessible to the rose roots. It doesn’t get washed away during rain or waterings, so it’s alway available to the plants. They’re very easy to use and last 6 weeks. My roses sure do love the Jobe’s fertilizer spikes and reward me with lots of fragrant blooms and healthy leaves.

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