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Jackson & Perkins Summer Nights Hybrid Tea Rose – 2-Quart

We awarded ‘Summer Nights’ with the honor of being named our Jackson and Perkins 2012 Rose of the Year because it is simply sensational in every way possible: color, fragrance, form, and garden performance! Its stunning 5-inch blooms are made up of petals of a delicate yellow painted with a gorgeous shade of rosy pink that deepens in color as it moves to the outer edges. But these exquisitely formed blossoms aren’t just visually dazzling; they will also enchant with their lovely licorice fragrance (which is especially welcome in cutflower bouquets). They slowly spiral open from attractive pointed buds, and once the soothing colors are fully revealed, they look amazing set against the backdrop of healthy, dark green leaves.This Jackson and Perkins rose introduction will be a standout in any setting. Reaching a mature size of 5 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide, it’s ideal for beds, borders, and naturally, the cut garden, but it’s also just right for large patio containers, which will allow you to bring its lovely, fragrant blooms into your outdoor-living area. This is one sensational hybrid tea, and you deserve to enjoy its beauty for years to come!We suggest pruningSummer Nights’ in spring to half height or about 18-20 inches from the ground, removing old and dead wood as well as any canes that cross each other. In warmer climates, you will want to cut back the rest of the canes by about one-third; in colder areas, you’ll probably need to cut a bit more. Zones 5-9.

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