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How To Prune Roses “Real Men Prune Roses Bare Handed”

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2 comments to How To Prune Roses “Real Men Prune Roses Bare Handed”

  • C. Shields

    This is a great teaching video! “How to Prune Roses” is a clear, easy to understand teaching video. I never “got it” before, but with this in-home horticulturist, showing me, step by step, over and over again, I finally got it! Now, when I need a refresher course, there he is!Highly reccommended!

  • Mitch Lipari

    Watch this DVD! This is an incredibly informative DVD…no frills or fancy productions to get in the way of all there is to learn. Mr Smith casually relates volumes of knowledge about the annual shaping of rose bushes, and true to the title, he really prunes bare handed!, with no blood or curses (unlike my adventures with pruning roses). I hope he plans on making more videos, like how to take care of roses the rest of the year!….James obviously knows what he’s doing and should make a series of DVD’s for my “How To” library. I can’t wait to see my roses this spring!

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