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How to Prune Roses (Rainforth Home and Garden’s Secrets and Solutions)


About the Author
Award winning author, Rees Cowden, has spent his life working with roses and other plants. Among his credits Rees is a:

• University of California Horticulture graduate
• University of Florida Horticulture advisory board member (past)
• President of multi-million dollar Horticulture and Turf Care businesses
• Top rated gardening blogger
• Former employee of the second largest rose hybridizer in the world.
• Lifetime back-yard gardener

How to Prune Roses is one of several gardening books available from Rainforth Home and Garden by Rees Cowden.

In his narrative style, Rees walks you through the entire process of proper trimming for great roses. He explains “the why” not just “the how”.

This step-by-step guide covers everything you will need to know. Among other things, How to Prune Roses covers:

• The various types of rose plants and how to handle them.
• What to do with climbing roses
• Common rose pruning problems and their solutions
• Annual and seasonal trimming
• Feeding methods
• Dealing with Mildew and Aphids
• How to re-invigorate older plants
Money and time saving techniques

Also included is a very in-depth F.A.Q. section and an Appendix with several interesting subjects like:

• Making Potpourri
• Edible rose petals
• Making perfume
Rose Hip Tea
• Tips for buying rose plants
Great varieties for beginners
ORGANIC pest control

Be ready for the complements from your neighbors and ribbons from the judges!!!

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1 comment to How to Prune Roses (Rainforth Home and Garden’s Secrets and Solutions)

  • Tina

    Like chatting with a neighbor Good basic info for new rose lovers! Simple, easy to read and understand. Gave flower choices to buy as well.

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