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Home as a Backdrop for Roses

Rose Orangefarbig

Roses deserve beautiful surroundings, indoors as well as outdoors. Your home is the frame through which you and your family and guests view your garden from indoors.

How are your roses framed? Does your furniture arrangement make it easy to gaze at your roses from indoors? Does your color scheme enhance or clash with your roses?

Does that thought make you want to update your decor to make a perfect frame for your rose garden? Imagine a cozy sitting room with a lovely sleeper chair for you and your guests to enjoy.

How about some new chenille bedspreads in soft colors that enhance but do not compete with the glorious roses outside? Chenille bedspreads are wonderfully nostalgic and retro, just like old-fashioned roses.

Want something jazzier? Your home is also the setting for the cut roses you bring inside. Can you picture shocking pink roses or bright red roses against zebra print wallpaper? What a bold statement! Imagine it in a guest bathroom or foyer.

When you start to think of home as just a backdrop for your roses, you gain a whole new way of viewing your surroundings. Be creative. Have fun.

And always remember: Roses first!

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