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Heritage Store Body Oil, Rosewater and Glycerin, 4 Ounce

Heritage store rosewater and glycerin a skin protectant made only from pure rosewater.

Product Features

  • Rises energy
  • Soothes skin
  • Protects skin

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3 comments to Heritage Store Body Oil, Rosewater and Glycerin, 4 Ounce

  • Kat

    Rosewater There are a lot of rosewaters out there and this one is my favorite. It smells heavenly and really hydrates your skin. Perfect for the summer when your skin is exposed to the sun and excellent in the winter when your skin is parched from frigid climates. It works great for setting your makeup also. I spray it all over my body!

  • JoJobees

    Great as a toner! I’ve been using this for years as a facial toner per my 85 year old grandmother’s beautiful skin. She swears by this and Glycerin is the main ingredient in so many expensive products these days. It’s too heavy for me to use on it’s own, and I like the the smell of these two mixed together. I couldn’t find it for a while at my health store, and I would make my own mixture then.I use on a cotton ball or directly on my face before moisturizer and makeup. Works great for dry winter skin and getting a healthy glow.

  • M. hallman "BornOutfTheBox"

    Great basic for winter skin & other things I LOVE LOVE LOVE this version of rosewater and glycerin! The rose smell is authentic (i use it as aromatherapy and as a body mist) but the glycerin really soothes itchy, dry and irritated skin. A must for before you put on makeup. Great for when the air is really really dry and you want to moisten up you face for a dewey appearance. If you want more LOVE in your life keep yourself misted & this does the trick. Rose is a great attractant for more love. People always seem to lighten up & chill out when I wear this. The smell does evaporate but if you mist your hair and clothes it lingers longer.

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