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Heritage Products Rosewater, Rose Petals, 8-Ounces (Pack of 3)

Pure, natural essence. From European roses. Popular gourmet flavoring. Use as a perfume or body splash, add to your hair rinse or bath water, or try as a gourmet flavoring. You can also combine with therapeutic oils to make your own unique complexion formula. Certified by periodic laboratory test to be free of pesticide residues. More information on request. Seal of Approval: Not tested on animals. Atomizer mist sprayer. Experience the delicate floral scent of real roses any time of the year! Recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings.

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3 comments to Heritage Products Rosewater, Rose Petals, 8-Ounces (Pack of 3)

  • MamaBear007 "MamaBear007"

    The BEST product for soothing my ultra sensitive skin!!! I have eczema, and lately nothing — and I mean nothing — would soothe my dry itchy skin. I remembered buying some Heritage Products Rosewater about two years ago (during another flare-up), and desparately searched through the house to see if I still had some left. I found my bottle, sprayed all over my body, and hoped for the best. Ahhhhh! Relief came immediately. I have to spray ever few hours. But when nothing else works, it’s well worth the effort. I’ve got less than an inch of this precious liquid left in the bottle, so I’m ordering some more. Hopefully, it’ll get to me before I run out.To somebody like me, who (during a flare) will itch so badly I wake up with bloody sheets, this rosewater is worth its weight in gold. In the future, I’ll always keep enough on hand that I never run out again.Oh, there’s an added benefit too. It smells divine!

  • MMiranda

    Pure. Fresh. Light. Beautiful. Alright, to date I have tried many many brands and grades of rose water(at practical and impractical lashings out at my wallet). I shall not mention their names, because although they are no longer to be repurchased by myself, they still nonetheless served me well enough at some point or another. But that was exactly the problem, they merely served me WELL ENOUGH. I’ve always loved roses, and I’ve researched all of the means by which roses serve towards well being. The countless rose waters that I’d used however, always seemed to be missing something, or not quite reaching that high note I always listen for in a beauty product. My eyes stung, bad tastes, tightening drying effects, artificial scents. You name it, each and every rose water I’d tried had some faulty. I even opted to go organic; still, at bulk, the organic rose water that I almost settled upon had an unpleasant scent(almost like the smell of rotten rose water at the bottom of an empty vase abandoned sans cleansing), not to mention (and unacceptably so, being certified organic, the supposed “purest of pure”) broke me out! The whole point of a rose water, I figure, is to relieve, relax, and tone. Not cause an uproar of stinging, unpleasantness, and upheaval of my cystic acne.I thought I’d almost given up, and accepted that nothing is complete, nothing’s perfect. I was just about to repurchase the expensive, luxuriously bottled, however debatable benefits rose water, when I browsed through amazon, and spot this brand. I’d remembered dismissing this product, as I’m awfully vain and to see that this product was hideously bottled in a putrid pink, just turned me off. However, looking at the gorgeous antique and nostalgia printed useless and expensive rose water that I was currently using, I realized, I really ought not to judge a book for its cover. I had just recently purchased Heritage’s Castor oil( to great quality and success) and figured, why not? You’ve wasted tons of money already, this is a great value, and who knows? Maybe this could be it.AND it is! The MINUTE, the SECOND that I sprayed this, my PORES just knew! It’s as though they SANG out to me in delight, in applause, in saying FINALLY, darling, THIS IS THE ONE!! It fell like elixir rain drops onto my skin, and absorbed quickly enough, leaving behind a dewy, moisturized, glowing complexion. and the SCENT, goodness, DIVINE! Really, ROSES. I even sprayed so much(unnecessarily and over indulgently so!) that I got a bit in my mouth. Pure! Not a single bit of unpleasantness, I may just open the top and pour it all down my throat!(just kidding, though I may utilize it in my rose petal pound cake!) Although I was unsure of the organic status of this product, I am positive now it is pure. Whether certified or not, this is certainly higher grade than that certified brand I’d tried. And the SCENT. It is ROSES. Like the scent of a rose bush in the rain. Like the odour of petals in bath water. It is PERFECTION. My search has ended. It’s what I’ve yearned for. Never judge a the exterior of a bottle for the value of its contents; you never know until you try. To the previous user stating it’s for angels and butterflies only: this is a fact. But I believe that all women are angels and butterflies, all of us that put forth the effort towards our well being.

  • Whitney Ann "Whitney Ann"

    I LOVE this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Rosewater is amazing! I use it everyday. There are a lot of things you can do with it. I use it as perfume, put it in my shampoo, use it on my face, and much more!!!

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