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Heirloom Hybrid Tea Rose

Parent of the AARS-winning ‘Intrigue’, this lovely hybrid tea is notable for its rich lilac color and powerful fragrance! Deep magenta buds slowly unfurl and lighten to a soft lilac as the blooms open, releasing their strong, fruity fragrance with hints of sweet wine and raspberries. Up to 5 inches across in size and held on stems that reach up to 15 inches long, these blooms are as perfect for cutting as they are for supreme garden enjoyment!These upright shrubs reach 3 feet tall and wide and are clothed in lovely dark green foliage that sets off the soft lavender blooms to perfection. Prune Hybrid Tea roses to half height or 18-20 inches above the ground in early spring. Zones 7-10. Var: ‘JACbloom’ (PP#3,234). Own root.

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