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Heart Shaped Red Rose Petals (200 Pc)

Sprinkles these polyester silk rose petals around to create beautiful party decor. Also great to throw in a gift or card to add an extra special touch!

Product Features

  • Approx. 200 red polyester heart shaped silk rose petals per set
  • 2″ – 2 1/4″ sized petals

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2 comments to Heart Shaped Red Rose Petals (200 Pc)

  • Z. S. Proctor "TriskaidekaPunk"

    Very respectable Seller and Quality Item Around Valentines Day people stock the stores with these, some silk some cheap. These broke even on price like every where else but at the nice price even maybe being 50cents more I rather purchase online then wait 45mins at the store with the pain of those long lines. Item says quantity 200.. but I counted and there were right around 250 petals, the petals are not a KY released project but a Home Goods, doesn’t matter to me. Quality of product are coarse heart shaped petals and have creases in them to give them more lifelike look. Bottom line great price, fast delivery, and will purchase more from them if I need.

  • J. House "Drink More Java"

    Great for Proposals So I needed some rose petals to complete my proposal plans. Being the stereotypical male, I had waited till 4 days before I was going to pop the question before I realized I hadn’t procured any petals, so I turned to amazon and chose these.These of course are not real, which is pretty apparent if you pick them up to look at them. That being said they look pretty decent, and in my case, the desired effect was achieved.There’s a cloth feel to them and some of petals aren’t shaped perfectly, this didn’t seem to be a problem considering I still got a “yes”. Though I cant guarantee everyone will get that same answer if they use them to augment a proposal.

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