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Green Light Organic Rooting Hormone – 2 oz 06920A

A rooting hormone with fungicide for faster, healthier rooting from plant cuttings. Contains: .20% 1 Naphthaleneacetamide (NAA) and 4.04% Thiram. 2 oz. container.

Product Features

  • 2oz rooting hormone
  • A rooting hormone with fungicide for faster, healthier rooting from plant cuttings
  • Contains: indolebutyric-3 acid

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2 comments to Green Light Organic Rooting Hormone – 2 oz 06920A

  • buru buru piggu

    very good product Not mentioned in the Amazon description (but shown in the photo) is that this product contains 0.1% IBA (indole-3-butyric acid), a synthetic plant hormone. Powdered rooting hormone is usually available in 3 formulations: 0.1%, 0.3%, and 0.8% IBA. The lowest concentration is used for “soft” cuttings, like African violets, plumerias, mums, carnations though some harder wood plants can also use this. Woodier cuttings need hormone at the 0.8% concentration. You can Google “Hormodin product label” for a PDF of what plants should use which formulation. The 0.1% concentration is safe to use on all cuttings while stronger concentrations can damage or even kill more sensitive plants.I use this product mostly for roses and plumerias as a disinfectant. I’m not sure of its exact role in the promotion of roots (rooting results can vary greatly based on a number of conditions, including weather, cutting health, plant variety, or just pure luck), but one benefit I am sure about is the anti-fungal properties of the powder. I am obsessed with plumerias and have ordered at least 2 dozen cuttings off eBay this year. Using this prevented my plumeria cuttings from rotting. The cuttings I did not treat with powder started to rot from the bottom up. With periodic checking I saved my cuttings by cutting off the rotted part and treating with Green Light.To use, all you have to do is wet the cutting in water so that the powder sticks to it, then dip the cutting into the bottle. Tap off any excess powder, make a hole and gently firm up the rooting medium around the cutting. I’ve use (alone or mixed with 30-50% soil) with fantastic results. The perlite holds moisture and provides air pockets, creating perfect conditions for rooting of many types of cuttings, resulting in much faster rooting than planting in straight soil. I’ve use this method for epiphyllum, goji berry, portulaca, and sometimes for coleus (which roots easily in water).

  • Lisa J. Schofield "ljs"

    growing roots This product worked very well with my African violet cuttings. It shipped much sooner than first estimated. Very Happy.

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