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Frangipani: A practical guide to growing frangipani at home

Frangipani covers the plant origins and species of frangipanis. Areas covered are Australia, Asia, Hawaii, USA and Europe. Growing and care including container gardening, pruning, transplanting, pest and disease identification, soil and climate or growing. Also covers designing around the home, in courtyards, balconies, verandahs, roof terrace and growing in pots.

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3 comments to Frangipani: A practical guide to growing frangipani at home

  • L. Mears

    Mouth watering This book not only blow me away with beautiful photography, it also explained many things that only a serious grower would know, in a simply manner. I now have a much greater understanding of Frangipanis, both in there cultivation and varieties. I actually bought it as a gift and then found it too hard to give away!

  • Mihai Stroe

    Frangipani:good manual This book is a briliant manual for the starters and for experts to.Lots of information of all aspects which you need to do.Very good book.

  • AgnesB

    Little disappointed I waited for this book to come out on the US market since Dec. 2008. First Amazon would not include Free shipping, there is even a surcharge, so I went to B&N online. Was much cheaper, came in the next day.The title of the book is somehow misleading, “at home” means if you live in Australia or Hawaii. But pictures are nice.

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