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Flower, Vine & Vegetable Garden Plant Clips Lever Loop Grippers – 150 Pack

These Lever Loop Plant Clips should actually be called “clever” loops. Designed to hold your plants gently but firmly, one hand is all that is needed to pinch and clip, leaving your other hand free to insert the support and stem into the clip. Clear in color they virtually disappears into the foliage, not detracting from the beauty of your vines or ornamentals. Gentle enough to hold the most delicate vine, yet sturdy enough to support the weight of cucumbers or cantaloupes. Excellent for Orchids, Roses, Clematis, and other flowers needing to be managed for best performance.

Product Features

  • Made from Green UV treated plastic for longer life and improved durability
  • Simply pinch the handles to open and release to trap the stem and the support in one easy motion. Ideal for metal or bamboo garden stake trellis supports or trellis netting when growing vine vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and squash.
  • Easy to adjust as your plants grow. Just pinch, move the clip and release
  • Great for Hydrangeas, Clematis, Honeysuckle vines, humming bird plants. Clips are ideal for attaching Christmas lights to trees and shrubs during the holiday season.
  • As easy to use as paper clips, lever loops hold plant stems to plant supports without the hassle of cutting and tying required by garden twist strecth ties and tomato jute twine

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