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Five (5) Easy Steps To Rose Gardening

When it comes to caring for roses of any kind, rose gardening can be confusing and hard if you do not understand what it entails. For those who have years of experience or those that are just starting out, rose gardening can be hard work and fun at the same time. Here are a few easy steps to rose gardening.

Transplanting Roses

Transplanting roses during the growth season was once thought of as a means to an end. You do not necessarily have to wait until winter to move your roses. The easiest time to transplant is during the dormant times of winter, but it can be done in spring or summer without causing trauma. Proper watering before and after transplanting roses will help the roots. Water as much as possible the day before transplanting and take as large a root ball as you can save, and this will help your roses thrive after being moved.

Rose Bush Care

Regular rose bush care on a schedule is important for your bush to thrive. During the first year you should deadhead the bush like normal but do not remove leaves of any kind. In the spring, take away all winter mulch over a week’s time. Prune or shape your roses in early spring, but leave the older roses for summer. Add rose fertilizer to mulch at the beginning of the spring. In summer, deadhead all old blooms twice a week and deep water all roses once a week. Use a total of 5 gallons per plant, weekly and more often if the weather is dry. In the fall, do not fertilize 6 weeks prior to the first frost so that the bush will go dormant. Clear away all the debris and leaves from the base but do not prune. Deep water after first frost once.

Organic Rose Gardening

Having an organic rose garden keeps your plants safe from chemicals and helps create a healthier environment. It is best to find out what roses will grow the best in your part of the world due to weather. There are many fertilizers that are completely chemical free, and these can be used to help in your organic rose gardening area. In keeping with organic gardening, it is best to always look at ingredients in the fertilizers or sprays purchased to ensure their authenticity.

When to Plant Roses

Roses in containers can be planted any time the ground is not frozen. It is best to plant all roses in the spring or fall, this way roots have a chance to grow before extreme weather is felt.

Watering and Sun Needs

Different roses will need different amounts of water and sun, however roses need a minimum of 6 total hours of sun daily, and a minimum of an inch of water a week during their normal growing season between spring and fall.

Lewis Paul is a rose garden enthusiast and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby. For more great information on rose gardening, and to receive a Free 10 Lesson mini-course, visit
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