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eZAKKA Silk Rose Petals For Wedding And Celebrations Confetti,1000-Pack (White)

Product Description
Item Weight:2.8 ounces
There isn’t any fancy packaging and each petal is neatly aligned in rows and wrapped in plastic.
To separate them you need to slide them between your fingers, much like separating 2 sheets of paper.
They are great for tossing at the wedding ceremony or decorating your tables at the reception.
Silk rose petals are a quick affordable way to dress up any event.
Package includes:
1000 * Silk rose petals

Product Features

  • You can decorate almost anything with these – wedding parties, centerpiece decorations, table scatters, confetti sewing crafts, show windows, church aisle decor, flower girl basket, and many other events.
  • It was very suit for weding ,party.
  • Won’t fade or wither.Unscented – Won’t affect those with allergies.
  • Reusable.Collect them up and use at the next party.
  • Lightweight,Easy to carry everywhere.

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