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Essential Growing Organic Roses Tips

Organic rose gardening is a term used when gardening roses the natural way rather than gardening with man-made or synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. There is a lot of talk about how bad chemicals are in gardening, in food and in agriculture. You can easily grow roses organically by using just organic chemicals and fertilizers.

One very important part of being involved with an organic rose garden is the type of roses that you want to grow. Only choose the roses that are known to be growing in your country as this can be helpful, as well as the ones that are known to be resistant to any diseases which can be commonly found in and around the area where you are living.

There are several other types and also varieties of these types of roses that can be generally better to raise as they are considered to be hardier plants. There are many to choose from and, especially if you are a well rounded gardener, you should have no problem choosing the ones that you like best for your rose bush garden.

You will need a certain type of soil for your rose garden. The soil where the rose bush is planted should have a pH of 6 or close to that.for roses to grow well and produce good growth you need 5 or higher. You can make use of some materials like limestone, to keep the pH levels consistent to the growth of your roses. But this will depend on your need to lower or raise the level of pH. Also you do not want the soil to have too many rocks, clay and sand due to the fact that roses need well drained soil and do not favour very sandy soils well. By adding some materials such as compost and wood chips you will indeed help set up the soil.

Another very important thing that you will need to do to keep the organic rose gardening running smoothly is to keep away insect pests and any other pests that can create problems with the health of the roses. A good solution for minimizing pest issues is introducing some companion plants. You will be able to choose the type of plants along with the size and color too that will complement your rose bush garden. Inter-planting with marigold, onion, thyme, geranium, rosemary or garlic will reduce rose pests in your rose garden.

There are several plants that can help you keep certain insects and pest away from your roses, so it is important for you to find out which kinds of insects and other pests are common in your area as this will help you to make a better selection of companion plants that you will want to include in your rose garden.

Before you begin to start planting, be sure that the soil is well prepared. Another thing to remember is to only plant during the spring season, right after the frost has passed. For the rose to grow well leave a space of 16 to 30 inches between them which is sufficient for growing and air circulation. You will want to be sure to provide some deep watering each week. And you can add organic fertilizer in your compost also. After all this is done you shall be ready to raise your organic rose garden with success.

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