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Espoma RT20 20-Pound Rose-Tone Plant Food

Espoma rt20 20-pound rose-tone plant food

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3 comments to Espoma RT20 20-Pound Rose-Tone Plant Food

  • CherryGal

    The only rose food worth buying As a committed organic gardener, I have used espoma products for years and am especially enthusiastic about their rose food. I collect antique roses which can be very fussy and easily succumb to all manner of problems if not kept in the peak of health. Espoma helps me do that. It is rich and sustaining and produces the most gorgeous, healthy roses you can aspire to. So before you poison yourself and your environment with Bayer and other chemical nonsense, try this one. You will not go back.

  • Summer Lady

    Happy Rose I was looking for something online to feed my rose with that was good. I saw favorable reviews on this product. So, I ordered it. I have a yellow rose that gets attacked by black rot and insects. When I put the rose tone on the rose, most of its leaves had been eaten away by some insect. I’ve heard if you feed and water your plants properly, insects and disease are less of a problem. The rose recovered quickly from having all it’s leaves eaten away by insects when I used the product. Also, the black rot has been better than normal. The first time I put the product on I had no black rot. I’m getting a little black rot now, but it is not all over the rose. I’m pretty happy with the rose tone. It came in a bigger bag than I anticipated. It smells strong too. I have to keep it outside in a plastic bag on the deck. I could not stand the smell in the house. I think I would like a smaller bag of this product than the one that came.

  • Anonymous

    This is the very best rose food I have ever used. I apply once a month and have been using it since last spring. This is the first year my bushes are still lush and blooming in November! I have had roses on my table since last March almost every single day. They are large, fragrant and vibrant. I even have less trouble with diseases and pests. I will use this product so long as it is around!

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