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ELMA&SANA® Organics 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water- 4 oz

soothes skin, tones, and leaves skin feeling soft like silky rose petals
cleans and tightens the skin
The natural properties found in Rose Water deliver multiple beauty skin care uses:
Use Rose Water for cleansing, toning and moisturizing, treating acne and skin irritations, it is suitable for all skin types including dry skin, oily skin and aging skin.

Product Features

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2 comments to ELMA&SANA® Organics 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water- 4 oz

  • Kelly A Riser

    HIghest Quality Rose Water This is the very highest quality of rose water and I should know, I was a practicing esthetician (licensed skin care practitioner in salon) for 15 years, specializing in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils and natural products – and with my dry, sensitive skin, rose oil and rose water are mainstays of my daily routine.I was reluctant to buy anything but my usual Aveda rosewater-based toning mist because I usually find anything else to be a disappointment. Theirs contains many other ingredients to nourish the skin. But over Christmas I ran out, and my skin was becoming dry & itchy, and their website said they would be closed for a few extra days; so I turned to trusty Amazon for a solution and found this rosewater.While it doesn’t have the extra skin-care ingredients my regular toner has and so won’t replace it, this is the best PURE rosewater I’ve ever used. It clearly comes from high quality ingredients made with care & purity, and is extremely soothing to red, itchy skin. It can be poured into a spray bottle and misted on, or applied with cotton to cleanse & soothe. I even found I could apply it with cotton over my eyes which also get itchy and red skin.So if you’re looking at the various rose waters for offer on Amazon, you can buy this one with confidence. This may sound like an ad for the product, but I know there were negative reviews I wanted to counter, plus I just like to leave positive reviews for things that are truly excellent.

  • siren

    Leaked! It never occurred to me to use rosewater. I only stumbled upon it because I bought toner but didn’t notice it contained alcohol. So when I researched what people were saying, I found many suggesting rosewater if alcoholic toner is too rough. My boyfriend’s face gets a bit red and irritated after a bentonite clay mask but a few spritz of this and it’s back to normal.It smells like a fresh bouquet.. concentrated. I bought a small fine mist spray bottle and dilute 1:3 with water. It still retains the rosy smell and makes my skin look dewy. I hate looking cakey after using my MAC studio fix. This helps that loose powder absorb flush with your skin..Only complaint – I’ve ordered this twice for me, once for my brother. 2/3 times, it came with the bottle slightly wet. The bottle wasn’t cracked each time, it’s just the top was a little loose so it leaked maybe 10 drops so no biggie.

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