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Ebb Tide Rose Bush 4 Inch Container Grown Organic USA * Fragrant Purple Rose

EBB TIDE ROSE is a wonderful floribunda to add to your garden. Deep smoky purple buds open to full old-fashioned flowers the color of rich plum velvet. Intense spicy clove fragrance only adds to the attractiveness of this rose. This very hardy, own-root floribunda will bloom all season long well into frost. A captivating garden focal point that keeps getting better the longer it’s established. Please note that young Ebb Tide plants may bloom in shades with a pinkish or reddish cast. The blooms will darken to purple as the plant matures. Shipped in a 4 inch container. Own-Root. As is the case with other dark purple roses like Midnight Blue and Burgundy Iceberg, the blooms on young Ebb Tide plants can have a reddish or pinkish color. As the plant matures and settles into your garden the future blooms will darken.

Product Features

  • Deep reddish purple colored blooms on a hardy 3′X 3′ rose
  • Intense spicy clove fregrance – 38 petals per bloom
  • Grown as an own root rose
  • Grows well in Zones 4-9. Grown organic in the USA. Ships from Oregon.
  • Shipped in a 4 inch container

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