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Don’t Grow the Roses That You Don’t Love

For a beginner rose gardener, the first thing he should do is learn how to grow the roses he wants.

You know the saying, “a rose is a rose is a rose…”

… well in gardening terms, this is not true. Some plants are hardy, some are fragile, some may bloom small clusters of flowers, and some grow large blooms. Not all are treated the same, some varieties survive with low maintenance, while some need constant care and attention.

To grow the roses one wants, he or she should know the types of roses available and the maintenance and care behind each. From hybrid teas to shrubs, miniature roses to climbing types, one must know all and decide which among these are the right plants for him or her.

Then there are the options, one can grow them in a garden, or one can opt to take care of the plants indoors. Of course, growing roses in gardens is vastly different from growing them indoors. Though none is superior to the other, each has its own pros and cons. The best way to get a good handle on everything about roses is to read all you can about the subject.

Reading all you can about any subject is probably the best way to get acquainted to something. If you plan to travel abroad for instance, it’s best to read up on the country and its cultures rather than go in blind, not knowing how to act or what to expect.

Same thing applies when choosing the plants one wants to grow, by reading up on the varieties that are available, they will have more than a basic understanding about how to go about it.

One of the best resources for learning to grow the roses you want is the library.

It’s free and it virtually holds an infinite trove of information. Of course libraries are not as popular today as before, but one can’t go wrong heading to the library for their research.

Another fast growing and immense repository of knowledge is the Internet. It’s not usually free, though some libraries offer free Internet access, it is by far the most convenient place to learn how to grow the roses one wants.

However, a caveat to those who wish to learn all about roses using solely the internet; though it is true that tons of free information can be found, there is a chance too that the information you glean from it may not be all that accurate.

So be sure to double-check whatever information you get from the Internet.

You can also buy books about roses in your local bookstore, or if they don’t stock many rose books, you can always order via the Internet.

Learning to grow the roses you want is not all that hard, all you need is a basic knowledge on the types you fancy and a good deal of the right attitude, determination & passion.

Peter Bourke is a passionate rose gardening expert… for more information about how to grow the roses you love visit
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