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Don’t Feed the Penguins

It all began the day the penguin escaped…

As penguin trainer at Blue World Aquarium, Gwen Jones spends over eight hours every day with the pickiest flock of penguins in the country. Not that she minds–this is her dream job. But even her beloved flock is no substitute for the companionship of the girlfriend who left her six months ago.

Enter Dana Morris. Dana is the new hire at Blue World, an incredibly attractive sea lion trainer with a big heart and a mischievous streak. When the sea lions fail to cooperate with their new trainer, Dana asks Gwen to help her with a training session. But unknown to Gwen, Dana has a romantic ulterior motive that a sea lion may just help her accomplish.

“Don’t Feed the Penguins” is a funny, sweet, romantic short story, and is approximately 5,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

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3 comments to Don’t Feed the Penguins

  • Anonymous

    This short story was a fun read. The romance was well done and believable, and I really enjoyed the aquarium setting.

  • Anonymous

    Who can resist penguins and sea lions, and the women who love them?This was a fun, sweet, charming, empowering tale that you can’t put down till you’ve finished… and then you want more. (Another review mentioned wishing it was a novel… hint to the authoress! :-) )My favorite thing about this story was the whole feeling that dreams come true – a dream job and a dream partner. The optimism in it is strong, real, and powerful.Well done. I’m off to devour more of her work.

  • Anonymous

    It was as cute story of young love blossoming at a public aquarium. I love the animals. The trainers h as d very interesting jobs. I would recommend this book to my friends.

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