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Doing it the Thai Way at Rose Garden Riverside

The Rose Garden Cultural Centre is an excellent location for a day trip for travelers that are based in Bangkok. Located in Nakhon Pathom Province, the Rose Garden Riverside is located along the banks of Tachin River and is only an hour’s drive away from the capital Bangkok. Though name implies a botanical garden, the 70 acres of Rose Garden Riverside hold more than just flora; it is an authentic representation of traditional Thai lifestyle.

Though it started 40 years ago as just a restaurant, today it is a spa, cultural centre, hotel and a collection of authentic Thai restaurants. However, the major attraction of the Rose Garden Riverside is the popular Thai Village Cultural Show which also includes a visit to the floating market of Damnoen Saduak.

More than 150 performers take part in the numerous cultural performances that are staged at here. The 60 minute presentation highlights salient aspects of Thai culture in an action packed, enjoyable evening. Among the performances is Thai martial art, which is an integral part of life in this country and millions of fans who devoutly follow their heroes. The fights are a combination of combat & rituals, and demand a high degree of skill and finesse.   

Visitors can also witness a traditional Thai wedding complete with all of the age old customs and rituals. Share in the joy of the happiest day of a couple’s life and also gain insight into societal traditions of an ancient culture. Other interesting rituals that are performed is the ordination into monkshood, the fingernail dance, the bamboo dance, yoey dance and do not forget to witness pachyderms at work, and take an elephant back ride.

Visit the Rose Garden Riverside while staying at one the Bangkok serviced apartments located at Sukhumvit, Bangkok. These apartments offer you the best locale in the city close to transportation links and entertainment hotspots.       

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