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Desert Rose Plant – Natural Bonsai – Adenium obesum-

The Desert Rose is a native of East Africa. It will grow from 6 1/2 to 10 feet in the wild. It has fleshy leaves and beautiful 2-inch pink open-trumpet shaped flowers. It is a succulent, and forms more of a bush than a tree. It makes an excellent house plant or indoor bonsai. Needs lots of light and fresh air. Keep in a bright location in winter. In summer, if possible, move outdoors to a sunny or partly shaded location. Growing temperature should not be below 54 degrees. However, in the winter, keeping it cool (between 54-61 degrees) whch gives the plant a needed rest. Needs little water during winter, especially when kept cool. Increase water during growing and blooming periods. The total watering needed is similar to crassula, portulacaria and other succulents, and it will lose leaves if overwatered. The plant you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot. It is about 8″ tall and well-branched.

Product Features

  • Ships in a 4 inc pot with soil 6-8 inches tall and branched.

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2 comments to Desert Rose Plant – Natural Bonsai – Adenium obesum-

  • Rose M. J.

    Do not buy from this seller I did not receive my Desert Rose, or shipping confirmation. I contacted the seller, but as yet I have not received a reply. I will not buy from this seller again.Update: Seller contacted me after seeing my feedback. Agreed to refund my money but only if I “revised” my feedback.

  • A. Kapustina

    Beware! Do not buy from this seller! I ordered three plants from this seller, and all arrived dead. Upon notification to the seller, response was that they did me a “favor” by expediting the shipping. Do not buy from this seller!

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