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Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Organic Rosehips, 16-Ounce Bag

Tangy and sweet with beautiful color, creates a healthy classic herbal tea which can be eaten once brewed.

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3 comments to Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Organic Rosehips, 16-Ounce Bag

  • CelticWomanFanPiano

    Delicious! I wholeheartedly recommend this most delicious tea. I started drinking herbal teas for the health benefits, but this tea is so good I would drink it whether or not I were health conscious. The Rosehips come in a bulk form (i.e. they aren’t in little tea bags), but I’ve discovered that does not affect the making of the tea at all. They just sink to the botton and it is easy to drink. The taste is very much what one would expect of an herb that is so rich in Vitamin C, which is a taste I have to admit, I love. The taste is pure and and delicious. I definitely recommend this one!

  • Jib

    Good Price These are the only rose hips I’ve had in my life, so I don’t have any standard of comparison.Tastes good to me, though. I became interested in these because of joint/gum problems and hearing that vitamin C could help with that. I figured that bioflavonoids/other compounds may be important for absorbing vitamin C and I’d probably be better off getting it from a whole food than from a supplement (not that there’s anything wrong with supplements – just my way of thinking!).Anyway: I mostly use these for making ‘soaked tea.’ Or just iced tea? :D Basically I just put a good amount of these in a bottle filled with a couple cups of water (around 3-4 tablespoons), shake it up, stick that in the refrigerator, then shake it up really well the next day when the rose hips are softened. That’s when the water takes on a rich orange/light amber color and noticeably thickens up (maybe from the pectin that I’m assuming is in the rose hips?), and also tastes great. Shaking it really well helps to disperse all the flavor – keep that in mind.I eat the rose hips too (after soaking overnight) and they taste good as well, but a little strong eating a lot of them.I’ve made tea with them, and I enjoy that a lot, but I thought that heating it up so much would destroy a lot of the vitamin C. If you’re drinking it for enjoyment, it doesn’t really matter what you do, and the rose hip tea I made with these rose hips tasted great. You have to use a good amount of rose hips to get that tangy/sour flavor; for making 1 cup I’d at least use a couple tablespoons, but that’s just me – everyone has their preferences.Overall I think it’s very pleasant and refreshing, though I prefer it unheated, and just “soaked and shaken.” I make kefir and adding these to the ‘ripening under airlock’ phase can make an interesting brew. There’s a lot you can do with these things, so don’t be afraid to get creative.As for this specific brand, as I said, it’s the only one I’ve tried, so I don’t have a standard of comparison — but I’m satisfied with these, think they taste fine, and they were sold for a great price. No complaints here :)

  • D. Charette "chrtte"

    Delicious! This tea has the most fruity taste of any herbal tea I have ever had. It tastes wonderful hot or cold. It is slightly tangy but very flavorful and the color is beautiful! A little goes a long way – the price is unbeatable. Plus it’s organic and healthy.

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