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Creating an Elegant Rose Garden With the Right Accessories

There is a house near me that has a front split wood fence and roses that spill over it. When they are blooming there is nothing prettier. Creating an elegant rose garden isn’t hard – new varieties bloom longer and are more disease resistant than ever. All you need is a little planning and a few great accessories to pull it all together.

Select your roses. Rose gardens work best when you have a variety of roses. A few climbers, a couple of bush roses (I love Nearly Wild Rose Bushes) and a couple of creepers work the best. When you stagger the heights and bloom times you will get the best effect.

Choose a garden arch or fence for your climbers. Climbing roses take a while to get established, but they look great once they are grown. While they are growing it is important to have a backdrop for them that looks great while they are growing, and will support them once they are grown. Roses can get very heavy, so you need a sturdy structure.

Get some seating. There is no point in having a rose garden unless you are going to enjoy it. Put some garden furniture in your garden. A small cast iron Bistro set works great and so does teak garden furniture. Both are traditional and elegant and can lend an air of sophistication to your space.

When you are building your rose garden it often helps to sketch all of the elements out on paper first, then build it out.
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