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ColorBox Chalk Queue Ink Pad, Rose Petals

Colorbox queue is a color coordinated stack of six cat’s eye inkpads. Inkpads separate for individual use and then snap together for easy storage. The colorbox queue is a wonderful gift for your favorite crafter or a great treat for yourself. The pointed ends of this small, raised inkpad are perfect for precise inking, while the flat, rounded middle is ideal for broad strokes of color. Colorbox chalk ink dries to a chalk-like matte finish but can be buffed to a shiny finish. Ink is fast drying on most surfaces including paper, foil, clay and more. Colorbox chalk ink is waterproof when heat set, making it perfect for use with other water-based craft products or techniques. Colors in rose petals queue are rose coral, rouge, warm red, pink pastel, dark peony and maroon.

Product Features

  • Six cat?s eye inkpads in a stack of coordinated colors
  • The unique cat?s eye shape is perfect for paper crafting and scrapbook techniques
  • Gorgeous chalk-like colors that dry to a chalky finish or can be buffed to a shiny finish
  • Fast drying on most surfaces including paper clay and more
  • Waterproof if heat set

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