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Climbing Roses

No flower is more popular than the rose, and none can match the color, beauty, and drama that climbing roses bring to a garden. This guide catalogs 65 beautiful rose varieties that thrive in the varied soil and climate conditions of North America. It is full of suggestions on how to cultivate and train the roses. 90 full-color photos.

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2 comments to Climbing Roses

  • P. Larkin Hutton "PLH"

    Best book on climbing roses I’ve seen –bar none! The author gives detailed descriptions of a select variety of climbers, along with information on the history, care and pruning of each one. Photographs of each are included, but this is an informational book, not mere eye candy. If I could only have one source on climbing roses, this would be it. My hope is that it will come back into print.

  • Jane

    A very beautiful & informative book on climbing roses. This is a wonderful book for anyone who enjoys climbing roses. It is beautiful and interesting, offering the origin of various roses, detailed descriptions, growing tips, and pruning instructions. I have found it to be a very helpful reference tool for my growing rose garden. In the winter, it is a pleasure place on a coffee table and browse the gorgeous pictures.

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