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Climbing ‘Cape Diamond’ Rose – Extremely Disease Resistant – Super Hardy -4″ Pot

No Mildew, Rust or Black Spot – Hardy as an Oak! A truly remarkable rose! Not only is the foliage extremely disease-resistant, but, having been bred in Canada, the plant is hardy to zone 3. Then, there are the 3-4″ flowers of pure pink that have an elegant old-rose form with a multitude of petals, and a sweetly spicy old-rose scent. They keep coming all summer until stopped by frost, shining against the abundant gray-green foliage. A vigorous grower, it can be grown as a large, spreading 5′ X 5′ shrub or trained to 5-7′ as a really spectacular, carefree small climber.

Product Features

  • No Mildew, Rust or Black Spot
  • Height: 5-7 feet
  • Hardy in zones 3-9. Blooms all summer and fall
  • Prefers full sun or partial sun
  • The starter rose you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot

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