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Climbing Blaze Rose – Scarlet-Red Double Flowers – Potted

Soften walls, fences, trellises and arbors with a blanket of blooms! Produces a blanket of big 2-3″ scarlet-red double blossoms. Just plant in a sunny area with well-drained soil and enjoy gorgeous roses and foliage all summer through fall.

Product Features

  • Big 2-3″ scarlet-red double blossoms.
  • Height: 8-10 feet
  • Hardy in zones 4-9. Blooms all summer and fall
  • Prefers full sun or partial sun
  • The starter rose you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot

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1 comment to Climbing Blaze Rose – Scarlet-Red Double Flowers – Potted

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the climbing blaze rose, I quickly received a small (well packaged) healthy plant. It was only about 4 inches tallthe size of a well rooted cutting. At $9.00 it was a bit expensive for its size, but I have since put it in the ground andit is starting to grow.

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