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Chapin 16-Ounce Hand and Dusters Rose and Plant Duster Sprayer 5000

The Chapin rose and plant sprayer and duster is a hand tool ideal for quickly and efficiently applying healthy chemicals to your fruit trees, flowers, vegetables or ornamentals. This easy handling tool has a lightweight design paired with a 16-ounce liquid or powder capacity. The translucent tank allows you to see how much liquid or powder you have left and has a large filler opening for added convenience.

Product Features

  • This lightweight duster is versatile enough for use in nurseries and gardens or on fruit trees and ornamentals
  • easy handling duster has a 16-ounce powder capacity and a large filler opening
  • Attractive sleeve packaging enables end-user to see usage
  • tank holds 16-ounces of liquid.
  • Large filler opening for added convenience

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2 comments to Chapin 16-Ounce Hand and Dusters Rose and Plant Duster Sprayer 5000

  • Judy

    Upside Down Duster When I bought initially bought this duster I had the same glogging/clumping problems, and poor performance that was mentioned in some of the reviews. That was when I was using the duster right side up, with the powder container down and the wand up. (Yes, there are no instructions on the cardboard over wrap. I guess they figured it was so simple a cave man could do it.) After multiple tries I thought, why not try it upside down- with the powder container on top and the wand underneath. It worked! With the reservoir on top it provided a smooth , even layer of Sevin dust without clogging.Judy

  • spinnmama

    Use it “Upside Down”…works great! Judy was right on when she reviewed to use this product “upside down”…or with the large plastic screw-on reservoir on top instead of underneath the pump….it works perfectly this way! You get an even, ultra light coat of dust. I am using the duster with “Diamotaceous Earth”, and am very happy with it. I am so thankful for the “upside-down” advice I found in Judy’s review. Otherwise, I would have completely given up on this duster. The manufacturer really needs to include some directions with the product for how to use it correctly…

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