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Cat Food: Feed Your Cat Its Natural Diet

Would you like your cat to be healthy and full of energy and vitality?

Discover how easy it is to feed your cat its natural evolutionary diet, which is how they would eat if they lived in the wild?

Unlike many of our pets, the diets of animals in the wild do not consist of cooked and processed packet and canned foods. From fluffy Persian to domestic short haired cat, our cat’s basic internal physiology has changed very little over the years, and is still very similar to that of the wild cat.

Why is it that many domestic animals have become afflicted with disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, ear/eye and kidney problems, while creatures in the wild remain mostly immune?

I will show you how easy it is to feed your cat a nutritious raw food diet that many consider to be a healthier alternative to just feeding commercial pet food. Many pet owners have found that upon switching their cat to a raw food diet, and if done correctly and in a balanced way, that the health and energy levels of their cat including the condition of their skin, coat and teeth dramatically improve.

Containing much of the information found in Maya Rose‘s original book ‘How To Feed Your Dog and Cat Its Natural Diet’, this publication focuses on the dietary needs of cats.

Note – this is not a recipe book.

Publication includes:

Raw Diet For Cats

What To Feed Your Cat

Raw Meaty Bones

Nutritional Supplements For Cats

What Not To Feed Your Cat

A List of Cat Food Meal Suggestions.

Treats Ideas For Cats

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat and Kitten

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