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How to Grow Rose of Sharon Bushes From Seed


1.Fill the planting tray with high-quality commercial potting soil. A mix created especially for seedlings is


2.Place the rose of Sharon seeds in the tray and cover them with about 1/2 inch of potting soil. Rose of

Sharon seeds should be planted in late winter, about six weeks before the last frost of the season.

3.Spray the soil lightly with a mister. Slide the planting tray into a large, clear plastic bag and seal the

opening with a twist tie.

4.Put the tray in a warm place that gets indirect light. Although you may not have to water the tray while

it’s in the greenhouse atmosphere of the plastic bag, it should be checked periodically. If the

soil appears dry, remove the tray and spray the soil lightly, then return the tray to the bag.

5.Watch for seedlings to emerge and roots to develop. When they do, take the tray out of the plastic bag.

This will take approximately 15 to 20 days. Move the tray to a sunny window and keep the seedlings


6.Transplant the seedlings to small pots when it appears that they are beginning to outgrow the planting

tray. After the danger of frost has passed, plant the seedlings outside in a location that gets full sun

for most of the day.

[ Select ] soil

Rose seed germination rate is low , it is generally sown need loose soil , air , water holding capacity is high.

The soil is generally used vermiculite, peat , sphagnum , perlite, tree fern and other mixed

conditions, then you can configure your own ; no conditions are generally acidic soil can be , but there

must be no foreign matter in soil ( eg : stones broken bricks and glass ) .

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