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Blue Satin Hibiscus Rose of Sharon – BEST BLUE HIBISCUS – Proven Winner

HIBISCUS: Popular for nearly 200 years and with good reason. Its size and growth habit allow it to be planted near a home or in a border, and its flowers are spectacular! Very useful for late summer to early fall bloom. Slow to begin growing in the spring, but makes up for lost time fast.

Satin Blue HibiscusTM – Hibiscus syriacus ‘Marina’

Family: Malvaceae
(Hibis-cus: ancient Greek and Latin name, syri-acus: Syrian)
Absolutely the best blue! Its large, singel, rich royal blue flowers are certain to draw attention. ‘Blue Satin’ is a strong growing, uniform plant with rich color. Hybridized by Rien Verweij of the Netherlands. AWARDS: Award of Recommendation Royal Boskoop Horticulture Society. Prefers Full Sun. Mature Height: 8-12 feet. Immediate shipping in 4″ pot.

Product Features

  • Blue SatinĀ® Rose of Sharon. Hibiscus syriacus ‘Marina’pp#12680
  • Mature Height: 8-12 feet
  • Prefers full sun
  • Late summer blooming
  • Immediate shipping. Size shipped: 4″ pot

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2 comments to Blue Satin Hibiscus Rose of Sharon – BEST BLUE HIBISCUS – Proven Winner

  • David Brewster

    Blue Satin Hibiscus Rose of Sharon I received 3 Blue Satin Rose of Sharon plants today and must say they were very nice for the money. The delivery was quick and the plants arrived fresh and vital. I would certainly would order from Hirt’s Garden in the future.David Brewster

  • Turbodonkey

    Fast Shipping and Received ALIVE AND WELL! I posted the picture of me holding the plant as I received it. Very happy and can’t wait for blooms. I ordered on 5.10 and received on 5.13

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