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Blue Rose Seeds! 5 Seeds!


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2 comments to Blue Rose Seeds! 5 Seeds!

  • Martin Nemko

    There IS no blue rose. AND Roses are VERY difficult to grow from seed. I am a professional rose hybridizer. I know roses COLD. There ARE no blue roses. Yes, there are lavenders, both nothing resembling the blue in the picture nor anything that’s even close to blue. No sky blue. No medium blue. No dark blue. Lavender, purple yes. Blue, absolutely not. This seller should be ashamed of him/herself for trying to sell this.And ANY rose seed is very difficult to grow. Even under carefully controlled professional germination conditions in which the seed is stratified (kept cold for 6 weeks,) the shell is scarified, the seed is planted in an ideal seedling medium and given precisely the right day and night temperatures and foot-candles of light, germination rate, depending on the variety can be anywhere from 0 to 40%, which the average being about 15%.

  • Phil

    What a liar! There are no such thing as real blue, black and etc … colors of roses. What a scam… please report this seller and the person who rated 5 stars obviously the same scammer to Amazon customer service.

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