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Black Dragon Rose Bush Flower Seeds 10 Stratisfied Seeds – Treasuresbylee Exclusive

Please note: We are getting several complaints from buyers who bought this same item from sellers OVERSEAS. A.e: China, Hong Kong etc. Their products are not the same as ours from the US. We grow our roses & harvest the seeds every fall. Our listings come with fresh yearly harvested seeds that can store for you for up to 2 years. We are being told the quality from the other overseas sellers are dead seeds or “radishes”.

So as a note to all buyers of these products, I advise you buy this item from only US sellers.
Treasuresbylee (ourselves), or our 2 retailers Rngardens, & Qualityseeds4less. We only wholesale our seeds to the above sellers.

If you would like to gaurantee a fresh, true to seed product I suggest buying from them or ourselves.

Product Features

  • 10 Freshly Harvested Seeds – Contains Instructions on seed starting
  • If you buy this product BEWARE: Fragulant sellers from China, Hong Kong & other over seas countries
  • We grow our products ourselves. The only TRUE sellers of this product are: Treasuresbylee (manufactuer), Qualityseeds4less (retailer) & Rngardens (retailer)
  • All other sellers of this product will probably send you untrue seeds. Just a note of caution.
  • Rose seeds are stratisfied. However, start indoors in peat pots. Great for gardens, borders, cut flowers. Many more rose seeds to choose from on our amazon, come take a look!

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2 comments to Black Dragon Rose Bush Flower Seeds 10 Stratisfied Seeds – Treasuresbylee Exclusive

  • Gwendolyn Gallagher

    BEWARE! New gardeners beware! You cannot grow this rose from seed!Only species roses can be grown from seed. In the case of hybrids like this one, any seeds harvested will produce a different rose, just as you are different from your mother, and from your sister. Fortunately for the unscrupulous vendor, it will take a long time, probably a couple of years to get a bloom from these seeds–if they come up at all–and the buyer finally discovers that she has been bamboozled.The rose depicted is a real rose, however, unlike some of the “blue” and “rainbow” roses sold by the same vendor, but I believe this is not its true name. It looks like it could be Hocus Pocus or Abracadabra.A helpful online resource for finding roses is You could also consult your local rose society. Just remember that virtually all garden roses are grown from grafted or rooted plants, never from seeds. There are many credible nurseries who will send potted or bare root roses. Offering for sale SEEDS of any hybrid rose is, by definition, a scam.

  • Pen Name

    I wish I could give no stars So far I found out (I was in a hurry at first) That you cannot grow this plant from a seed – well on top of that when they arrived in florida, Customs in Miami took them out of the bag and destroyed them – sent me a letter informing me of this and why they destroyed them (0.01kg of unknown seeds) So my assumption is they felt they were a drug or something. And thus I did not receive my product. So I wrote amazon, they wanted me to handle it with the seller – I have no yet received my refund, I could care less about the ‘extra seeds and gift’ that he was gonna send me. I just want my damn refund. It’s been about two weeks now and still nothing, I contacted amazon again about 3-4 days ago, and they have not gotten back to me. This is getting ridiculous.

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