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BIC Mark-It color collection permanent marker, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36 Markers

Bright, fun and fashionable-fine-tip, smooth-flowing Mark-It markers provide precise control. Color-matched, textured rubber grip delivers ergonomic comfort. Alcohol-based, nontoxic ink lays down vivid, quick-drying, water-resistant lines on glass, metal, plastic, paper, photos and more. Contains 36 Assorted colors and it is a PVC free product.

Product Features

  • Bullet nib for fine marking
  • Ultra comfy rubber grip for comfort and control
  • Fade resistant, vivid ink
  • Acid free ink
  • Bold fashionable colors including Earthly Expressions and Paradise Pastels
  • Fine bullet nib, line width 1.1mm used for art and craft activities, labeling, classifying
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink, low-odor, quick-drying, plastic barrel, rubber grip for comfort and control
  • Bright and┬ávivid colors, supple clip and grip colors match ink color
  • The range features: Original color collection, Paradise pastel collection, Earthly expressions collection
  • 36 Assorted colors like Adobe Orange, Deep Sea Blue, Desert Rose, Fandango Pink, For-Ever Green, Honey Brown, Key Lime, Peach Parfait, Petal Pink, Prairie Berry, Tuxedo Black, Yellow Blaze etc

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2 comments to BIC Mark-It color collection permanent marker, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36 Markers

  • Shaggy

    Good But My wife is a teacher. She loves loves loves the colors and the design of these markers.However, they do not last near as long as Sharpies do. She makes a lot of hand done posters for her room. She wanted to use these since they would greatly expand the color choices from the Sharpie staples. But she goes through 2 complete Bic markers until they are used up to fill in the same space 1 Sharpie can do the job in.They are perfect for scrap booking, drawing, and other light use, but not the heavy duty use some people need.

  • Pebbles

    Not nearly as good as the Sharpie I purchased Bic permanent markers to replace my worn Sharpies that were a few years old. I only use them to write on my calendar so they do not get abused, and since I color code and have to write small, it is important to me that they work well. I should have spent the extra few dollars and purchased the Sharpie markers. A few of the markers were falling apart (when you opened the cap, the actual marker opened as well exposing the ink well or cushion). After writing with the markers a few times, the point did not stay sharp or write as fine point. Since I have to write small and legibly for all to be able to read in calendar boxes, this is important. Stay with Sharpies. They are a much better product.

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