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Better Homes & Gardens Rose Gardening

Great ideas and down-to-earth wisdom on rose gardening from Better Homes and Gardens and the American Rose Society

Better Homes and Gardens presents Rose Gardening, a comprehensive guide to growing great roses recommended by the American Rose Society. Roses are hardy, beautiful plants that grow easily and survive cold weather, so they continually remain popular for home gardeners. This practical guide combines the artistry of rose gardening with the green-thumb wisdom it takes to succeed.

For gardeners of every skill level-whether they’ve grown roses before or hardly know what one should look like-this book offers inspiration, beautiful photography, artistic and creative garden plans, and historical information that rose enthusiasts will love.

  • Includes colorful diagrams, helpful checklists that make planning a breeze, easy-to-understand planting and caring directions, and much more
  • Features more than 600 stunning full-color photographs, including a gallery of roses that showcases hundreds of varieties
  • Offers advice on selecting the right roses for your geographical region, combining roses with other plants in your design, up-to-date information on pest control, and general garden maintenance

For anyone who loves roses and rose gardens, Rose Gardening is the ultimate resource for the home gardener.

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1 comment to Better Homes & Gardens Rose Gardening

  • L. Tam "lovely books"

    Rose Gardening As an avid rose gardener I found this book by Better Homes and Gardens okay, but definitely not the ultimate rose guide I was looking for. It does have nice colorful pictures of roses, but the one area that all rose enthusiasts’ deal with and the one that frustrates me the most is all the nasty pests and fungus that attack our roses. I would have liked a much bigger section on dealing with pests, and way more pictures of the various afflictions and methods of dealing with them. I was sold on the facts that it had a stamp of approval from the American Rose Society AND that it comes with a 1 year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, so that, combined with the price I paid for it on Amazon, make it worth the purchase.

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