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Bayer 701710A 2-in-1 Insect Protection with Fertilizer Plant Spikes

Protects and feeds for up to 8 weeks. 2-in-1 formula kills insects while feeding your plants. No spraying necessary. New applicator. For indoor and outdoor potted plants. 10 Spikes treat 10 five-inch potted plants. Fertilizer analysis: 8-11-5 (slow-release)

Product Features

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3 comments to Bayer 701710A 2-in-1 Insect Protection with Fertilizer Plant Spikes

  • Renee West

    Amazingly Easy & Effective I have used these many times. They are a wonderful product. All you do is push the spikes in the dirt around your plants and it fertilizes and releases insecticide that the plant draws up into it’s tissues. Any bugs, like aphids, that want to chew on your plants are history. No spraying or mixing and you don’t have to worry about applying on a windy day, or trying to get it on the under side of leaves. I LOVE it.

  • ghe5678

    Worked like a charm I bought this product becuase i had a infestation of what I called “gnats”, in my plant at work. It is a vine plant, im not really sure the name of it. Anyway, I had lots of little flying bugs that multiplied over the last few months, and after getting a nice warning from my boss, i thought i would get something to save my plant. I threw one of these fertilizer/bug killer sticks into the soil, and within a week or so i am yet to see one. Pretty amazing actually, as I didn’t think it would actually work. If the bugs look like gnats, and fly around this product will kill em!You also get 10 of them in the package, which will last quite some time

  • Judie

    Problem solved Because of cold weather, I have to bring my tropical hibiscus plants indoors during winter. Every year, they would get aphids and generally be a big mess. Until I discovered these Bayer pesticide/fertilizer spikes. No more aphids. The plant leaves stay green and healthy-looking. And a bonus — right now, one of my plants has more than 20 flower buds. It’s beautiful.

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